Corporate Social Responsibility

To Four Brother Group, working on the “CSR issues” is an essential part of doing business and a completely natural thing to do. This implies that we commit to do everything in a responsible way and to make a positive impact on the Foods (Pvt) Ltd in every aspect of doing business. We do believe that if all society including the business world does their part to make a positive impact, then the dream of a better life will become a reality. CSR IS a source of pride in our employees, a challenge to want to do more and an inspiration to others to follow our example. In short: CSR is a integral part of our business. To be successful requires the highest standards of corporate performance towards our employees, consumers and the societies and world in which we live.

Four Brothers Group Foundation (FBF)

We have established the Four Brother Group Foundation (FBF). Its stated aim is to become the “ultimate manifestation of our corporate social responsibility commitment.” The establishment of the foundation is a significant step towards our aim to grow with society and the environment in a sustainable manner. We intend to do our best to share resources to contribute to a better quality of life. Our mission is to unlock society’s potential, add value to society, synergies the strengths of our partners and become the inspiring catalyst for building partnerships. We know that sharing resources to make a better life is a rather broad vision. Based on the big picture, we start small to make sure it happens. Afterwards, we move fast to replicate or expand it to make a bigger impact on society.

Flood Relief Program

Capturing the spirit of sharing:

As local and international agencies struggle to comprehend the magnitude of the humanitarian crisis caused by Pakistan's monsoon floods, there is as much concern for the potentially explosive political effects in the strife-rived country at the hub of a volatile part of the world. At least 14 million of the country's 200 million people have been made homeless and 1,800 killed as flood waters fuelled by torrential monsoon rains have raged down river valleys, overwhelmed dikes, destroyed much of the agricultural heartland and left huge swaths of the country submerged in foul and murky water. The United Nations says it is one of the worst natural humanitarian disasters in modern history, eclipsing the 2004 Asian tsunami and the recent Haiti earthquake put together. And it seems there is more to come. While the misery, lack of food, water and shelter and the impending threats of starvation and disease grow more pressing by the hour for the millions struggling to survive the flood waters, forecasts are for more heavy rain, especially in northwestern Pakistan from where it will cascade down into the central and southern plains. Four Brothers Group has lunched a mage support programe for the 10,000 victims that included:

1. Seeds, micro fertilizer and pesticides will be FREE for owners of 1 Acer land.
2. 50% off package for owners of 5 Acer land.
3. Free camps for victims

school training program