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Pesticides/ Fertilizers Formulation & Filling Plant

Pakistan’s economy is an agriculture based economy. Pesticide industry plays vital role in our agriculture based economies. Four brothers group is holding a share of about 10% of total market. Having this big intention requires a formulation plant which could feed the highly Professional and experience marketing force comprising 600 people all over the Pakistan. For this purpose group decided to provide Pakistan’s largest and most modern pesticide formulation and filling facility under one plat farm of FOUR BROTHER CHEMICALS. Group decided to provide all kind of formulation facilities on this plant. After a short span of 10 months group successfully provided worlds latest “Wetable Powder” plant, For Xylene based liquid formulation we have most modern SL & EC formulation plant , for SC formulation we have installed state of the art bead mills and sheer mixer plant . Being one of the founders of “Micro Nutrient fertilizers” in Pakistan the “Four Brother Chemicals” provided Pakistan’s best “Micro Nutrients Formulation Facility”. Another very important part of pesticide formulation is granular formulation, again the company provided Pakistan’s first cutting edge granular formulation plant.

Capacity of the Plant
Formulation Capacity

Filling Capacity

As we have different types of formulation facilities i.e. powder formulation, granules formulation and liquid formulation. All these quality formulations could be best utilized if they could reach to the end consumer in original condition. For this purpose company needed a quality packaging and filling facility. So company again provided fully automated filling and packing machines, the liquid filling machine has a capacity to fill and pack 27 million units per year in a range of 100ml to 1000ml, in the same way micro nutrient filling plant have a capability of producing 11 million quality packs per year. We also have a granule filling and packing plant which have a filling and packing capacity of 2.5 million units per year, pack size range of this facility is between 7Kg to 9Kg. We also have a states of the art powder filling machine. This machine can fill 9 million units per year in a range of 100gm to 1000gm.

Technical Expertise of Human Resource

It is firm believer of our top management that it’s the man behind the machine who derives best results for the company, so we have employed the best possible human resource to run the operation of the plant. There is a team of 100 permanent employees including qualified Engineers, chemists and professionals working under the leader ship of plant manager and 5 Managers. Company also conducts training sessions to update its employee with latest research and new techniques to deal with the routine challenges.

Total Quality Control

We have a state of the art laboratory facility, which is highly equipped with High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph, Gas Chromatograph, and UV. Visible Spectra Photometer ,Digital Visco Meter, Digital Density meter High sheer Mixer, Bead Mill, IKA Grinder pH Meter, Conductivity meter, analytical balance up to five decimal capacity, Micro Meter Micro Scope, Oven Memmert for storage stability of the product , Two decimal analytical balance, Water bath for emulsion stability, hydrogen Generator. Tripple gas Generator. With the help of these equipments and highly trained staff we analyses the Technical, formulated and finished goods materials like micro nutrient , fungicides , Insecticides, Herbisides. All packaging materials also go through a strict quality control procedure befor go in to production. With all such equipments and expertise we ensure that any single unit in the market should keep the standard of four brother group.

Storage and Supplying Capacity

We have an aggregate capacity of about 8 million bottles and 5 to 8 million units of powder and granules filling. To support such a huge production we needed big storage facility. For this purpose we have spared an area of ---- yards for storage of packing and Raw materials. All stores are equipped with automated loading and unloading facility. We provide special training to our ware house staff for chemical handling. Latest fire fitting equipment has also been provided to deal with any incident. Storage procedures adopted by “Four Brothers Group” are no less then any world level organization. Emulsify able Concenrate (EC)Plant. All liquid based products which are emulsify able concentrates are formulated on this plant. Solvable Liquid (SL)

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