Four Brothers Seeds Corporation

Four Brothers Seeds Corporation Pakistan Pvt. Ltd. have a major share in Pakistan’s seed business as a producer & importer of high-quality seed brands. Our main focus areas are on major field crops like Cotton, Rice, Corn, Wheat, Pearl millets and Oilseeds (Sunflower and Canola) as well as small-acre crops like Vegetables, Ornamentals & Fodders. Producer of seeds since 2002, Four Brothers Seeds Corporation offers a broad range of quality products as unique Cotton Bt. seeds, Hybrids and open pollinated varieties in Rice, Corn, Sunflower, Pearl millets, Fodders and Vegetables. Our seed products are thoroughly tested at a network of professional contract growers and on the Four Brother’s owned production and research farms. Our R&D team is comprises of highly qualified and experienced persons and their main motto is to develop and introduce such varieties which are not only suit to our local environment but also give high yield as a result of which the financial position of our farmers will improved. The core activities of this team includes,

> Plant Breeding Research

> Hybrid Seeds Development

> Genetically Modified Crops Development

> Seed Production

> Quality Assurance

The company operates its seed research at 20 experimental research centers covering all climatic zones of Pakistan. In addition to in-house research, Four Brothers Seeds has close R&D collaboration & cooperation with Government institute like NARC, PARC, CCRI, CRI, RRI and NIAB as well as with Faculty of Agriculture, University of Sargodha having MOUs for research and development. Along that company is also member of Asia & Pacific Seed Association, International Seed Federation (ISF) and Seed Association of Pakistan.

Cotton Seed

We feel honor to be the first organization in Pakistan in private sector that has offered Bt cotton, with competitive edge of high tolerance to CLCV, to its valuable customers. Our competent breeders are on to develop advanced products in transgenic cotton.

> High Yielding Cotton Variety…
> Because of Hairy Leaves, Sucking pest attack is less…
> Medium Size Leaf & Medium Stature Variety prevents White Fly Attack...
> Internodal distance is short which results more Fruiting…
> It has normal Irrigation & fertigation requirements
> Flexible Sowing time, Equally good for Feb & May sowing…

Shahanshah - Hybrid Rice Seed

We are working on long grain fine rice and coarse hybrid rice. It is our focused crop. The major segment of varieties is early maturity, medium maturity and medium late maturity. Both types of products are high yielding in comparison to conventional varieties. We are in process of continuous research in breeding and trait development to develop rice varieties of better grain quality and more resistant to pest and diseases. We have successfully launched the hybrid rice seed in the name of “Shahanshah”. The response of farmers to Shahanshah is very encouraging. The main features which differentiate it from other seeds are good germination and highly yield quality. We are very much confident and looking a bright future in the rice segment. The main features of our rice are:

> Good Germination
> High Yield Performance
> Suitable to Our Local Environment
> Excellent Tillering Quality
> Early Maturity and Complete Crop in 90 Days
> Safe from Lodging
> Strong Root Development
> Flag Leaf Green Throughout Crop

Hybrid Maize Seeds

The company focus on maize is to develop hybrids that can be grown in a different seasons and for different purposes like Spring Maize, Autumn Maize, Fodder Maize and Maize for Silage. Our main focus is to improve grain quality, crop uniformity and yield levels. We have launched the Maize seed with the brand names of “PL-71 & Bolson”. The main features of these seed are:

PL – 71

> High Yielding Performance, Single Cross Corn Hybrid
> Physiological maturity; 115 days depends on the weather conditions
> High Grain Yield
> Large and showy ears with slightly conic-cylindrical ear tip shape
> High tolerance to high temperatures
> Wide leaves with semi-erect position
> High disease tolerance
> Strong root & stalk strength
> Tolerance to lodging is high since the ear placement is at medium level of plant height
>Fast dry down , low harvest moisture

Bolson Hybrid Seed – Leader in Silage

> World leading variety for silage making
> Tall plant height (12-14 feet) and ear placement
> High silage yielding – upto 700 mounds / acre
> Good quality grains
> Produces high quality silage – Silage proteins 8.7%, starch 25.5%, pH 3.8, High energy, High digestability & Palatability
> Increase milk & cream production
> If somehow silage is not made, it grains Yield upto 100 mds/acre.

Bolson new Brochure

Cheeta - Sunflower Seed

Currently we are working on Sunflower hybrids with the brands of “Benazir” & “Cheeta” for cultivation under different growing conditions especially in drought condition. We are focuses on to offer high grain and oil yield and improved tolerance to viral diseases.

> No. of days to germinate            : 3-4
> Plant height                                   : 160-190 cm
> No. of leaves / plant                     : 29
> No. of days to flowering               : 50
> Head diameter                              : 18 cm
> No. of acne / head                         : 1500
> Yield / acre                                      : 35 Monds

Pictures taken at Tarzan Research Center, Sharafat Farm - Ferozpur Road LHR.

Raja - Pearl Millets Seed

The brand of “Raja” is being introduced in sorghum with superior grain quality and high yield. We have received the good response from end users. The main features of our Raja seed are:

> Plant Height                                    : 200 – 220 cm
> Plant Colour                                    : Green
> Cob Shape                                      : Long & Broad
> Maturity                                             : 80-85 days
> Cob Length                                     : 25-28 gm
> Av. Yield                                           : 50-60 Monds/acre
> Resistant                                        : To Powdery Mildew
> Days to 50% flowering                 : 58-62
> No. of tillers / plant                        : 4-6

Pictures taken at Tarzan Research Center Sahiwal Farm.

Multicut - Fodders Seed

SSG and fodder are our focus areas in fodder crops. We are continuously adding values to these crops, with collaboration of foreign companies in our research program, for diseases resistance and better fodder yield. The SSG product with the brand of “Multicut” for cultivation under different growing conditions especially in drought condition. We have successfully completed the 1st year of launching of Multicut and results are drastically good.

> Good source of Protein & Sugar
> Good source of meat & Milk
> Resistant to drought conditions
> Resistant to diseases
> Good quality of re-growth

Cazola (hybrid Canola)

Canola is grown as an oil seed crop in Pakistan. Due to over population, demand of edible oil is increasing day by day. Pakistan spends Billions of rupee on import for edible oil.
Keeping in view the national interest, Four Brothers Group has launched Cazola series of hybrid canola seed in Pakistan.
After comprehensive research and testing process at different locations all over Pakistan, following two hybrids, Cazola-1 and Cazola-2 were offered to the farmers:.

Salient features of our CAZOLA-1

· High yielding Hybrid F-1 canola seed.
· Full season hybrid.
· High yield potential up to 55-60 maunds /acre
· Highly Resistant to shattering of pods.
· Medium height with long pods fully grain filled.
· Oil contents analyzed at 42% minimum.
· Special Tolerance against diseases and weather stress.
· Vigorous plants, no threat of lodging.
· Heavy bearing approximately 1000 pods per plant.

Salient features of our CAZOLA-2

· Unique in the market hybrid F-1 canola seed.
· Early maturity / Short duration crop.
· Yield potential up to 50 maunds / acre.
· Drought and severe weather resistant.
· Fast growth suppresses weeds.
· Tolerant to diseases and insects.
· Medium stature and lodging resistant.
· Good bearing, almost 800 pods per plant.

Vegetables Seeds

We are working on open pollinated and hybrid seeds for different vegetables, each having special features and benefits to growers and consumers. Our present range of vegetable seeds offered for sale is given below:

Carrot: Red Lady

Red Lady is developed for fresh market / juice purpose and is characterized as Red Core variety.
We offer the seed of red lady which typically presents the following features:
· Very Good germination and high genetic purity.
· Compact plants with least bolting.
· Long and slender roots of attractive dark red color.
· All carrots have red core and uniform size.
· Very high yielder with minimum management required.
· Short duration crop giving harvest within 90 days of sowing.
· Smooth and tapering edible roots (easy to pull out).
· Crisp and juicy carrots very sweet in taste.
· Tolerant to diseases, insects and weather stress.
· Very long shelf life.
Red Lady is known for its long, tasty, attractive red and hairless roots in the market ensuring extra earnings for its growers.

Peas: Sweet Green

Sweet Green is actually a selection of Meteor variety of peas, famous among growers and consumers since last four- five decades in Pakistan. People like its sweet taste and attractive green pod color, so on the preference of our customers we named this selection as SWEET GREEN. Some salient features are as follows:
· Grower's tried and tested pure Meteor type variety.
· Short Duration crop (1st picking at 55 days of sowing).
· Excellent germinating ability (Fresh and viable seed).
· Yield potential up to 160 maunds per acre (Fresh crop).
· Medium small and self supporting plants (full of pods).
· Medium long pods with uniform grains (6-8 peas per pod).
· Attractive color and fresh appearance fetch high market price.
· Cold / Frost tolerant and need minimum management.
· Additional resistance against diseases and water shortage.
· Longest shelf life as compared to other varieties.
Our research team is engaged in developing other types of varieties i.e. longer duration crops with extra heavy yields, exhibiting more attractive features for consumers.


Salient features of GREEN QUEEN

1. Very high germination and early maturing variety.
2. Vigorous plants, high and stable yielder.
3. Large, attractive green leaves with white mid-rib.
4. Uniform, pure and lush green crop stand.
5. Fast re-growth, 4-5 cuttings can be taken in one season.
6. Wide adaptability can be sown year long in almost all areas.
7. Very late bolting, long field holding capacity.
8. Crisp and tasty leaves with longer shelf life.
9. As compared to others, more disease resistant.

Watermelon: READY RED F-1

Salient features of READY RED

1. Hybrid F-1 water melon seed.
2. Very High yield potential.
3. Oval shaped big fruits with shiny black skin.
4. Fruit has strong rind, resistant to transportation and storage.
5. Excellent field holding capacity, crack resistant.
6. Very sweet and good quality flesh in scarlet red color.
7. Average fruit weight 8-10 kgs.
8. Wide adaptability can be grown four seasons in sub-tropical areas.
9. Tolerant to Anthracnose and other diseases.

Water Melon: RUBI SWEET F-1

Salient features of RUBI SWEET

1. Charleston grey type watermelon. (Light green skin with pattern).
2. Medium maturity F-1 hybrid.
3. Scarlet flesh, fine, juicy and very sweet in taste.
4. High and stable yielding hybrid.
5. Wide adaptability and can be grown easily.
6. Fruit weight approx 9-12 kgs.
7. Resistant to diseases and transportation.


Salient features of PURPLE TOP

1. World renowned, farmer's favorite turnip variety.
2. High germination, purity and early maturity crop.
3. Vigorous growth habit, very high yielder.
4. Medium leaves can also be used as fodder.
5. Beautiful purple turnips, uniform in shape and size.
6. Virtually hair-less roots / bulbs.
7. Wide adaptability and easy to grow anywhere.
8. Comparatively less fertilizer requirements.
9. Tolerant to diseases and weather stress.
10. Very slow bolting and long field holding capacity.

Vegetables’ Seeds

In vegetables we are working in open field and greenhouse products. A complete range of summer and winter vegetables is under pre-commercial testing. The competitive edge of these products is having better color and good perish ability. The main products are;

Open Field Vegetables

> Egg Plant
> Hybrid Okra
> Hot Peppers
> Tomatoes
> Musk Melon
> Water Melon
> Bitter Gourd
> Bottle Gourd
> Onion
> Caulidflower
> Cabbage
> Cucumbers
> Sweet Peppers
> Radish
> Carrot
> Turnips

Greenhouse Vegetabels

> Musk Melon
> Tomatoes
> Sweet Pepper
> Bitter Gourd
> Cucumbers
> Bottel Gourd

Tarzan Vegetables Research Centre Ferozpur Road LHR.