Why Four Brothers Group?

You're talented, experienced and ready to explore your potential. At Four Brothers Group, you can make a genuine impact on the business. If you have the ambition and ability to achieve more, at Four Brothers Group will give you the opportunity to develop further and fulfill your true potential.

Careers at Four Brothers Group

FOUR BROTHERS GROUP is one of the leading Group in the Pakistan with two divisions; Agro Division and Telecom Division. Over the period we have recruited top talent from across Pakistan, which has contributed greatly to our success here. Our current headcount is more than 100* having existence all across the Pakistan. We are a diverse mix of individuals, both in terms of gender and background. We believe in providing passionate, hardworking individuals with opportunities to grow and excel to become compelling leaders in the corporate world. We seek young, enthusiastic, determined individuals for careers that offer growth, responsibility and challenges.
At 4B, we want more than just employees. We're looking for people who can be a part of our Family. At 4B, fulfilling ambitions – both yours and ours – goes hand in hand with a human and supportive way of working. Yes, we believe in creating maximum economic value for our stakeholders, but not at the expense of human values and principles.
Whether you're aspiring to the first rung of the career ladder or you're an experienced professional, we can introduce you here to the many opportunities available. 4B Provides a healthy, supportive corporate culture which is important to us—at 4B, you're more than just your job title. We believe strongly in rewarding good work. That's why we have attractive market-driven remuneration and benefits packages in the various grades of employment reflecting the skill level of the job and your performance in the course of your employment. Working is a big part of life. Sometimes you probably spend more time at work and with your colleagues, than with family and friends. Therefore it is very important that you feel not only satisfied, but also challenged by your daily tasks and that your work allows for personal space and leisure activities in between. Only then, can you perform well in the long run. This is the kind of environment that 4B is trying to provide: A culture that flows through all levels and to each individual in the organization.

What to Expect?
4B is a demanding and rewarding company, where passionate and committed people work and contribute to their own and the company's development. At 4B you will work in a bit complex multi-cultural environment, which offers an interesting combination of diversity and individuality. This means a lot of interesting challenges that will enable you to grow and develop your competencies, constantly. We trust you to go your own way, to use the freedom you have to make choices, but to be accountable for your decisions. This will not always be simple and you will probably feel frustrated now and then. But success achieved this way is far more satisfying than doing things the easy way all the time.

What we expect from you
To handle the daily challenges, you will need to be multi-skilled and cross-functional. There will be a variety of situations where such competencies are required. You will be exposed to the English language daily, so you need to be prepared to understand and speak English. We also expect you to add value to the company by using your competencies. It is important that you share your own knowledge and learn from others. This way, we both ensure that we make the most of our joint competencies. Along with the freedom we provide comes responsibility. This includes the responsibility for managing your own career and developing your competencies together with your manager. In our experience, giving our employees this combination of freedom with accountability results in the best solutions. We want you to make the most of what you have. We also expect you to work in partnership with all your colleagues in all parts of the company, focusing at all times on finding the best solution.

Your Development
Your development is our growth; our employee development process is unique and simple.

To keep you abreast of latest technologies, strategies and trends

The development process is important to ensure that we never lose people of high potential because of a lack of opportunities to develop. By using this process we also make sure we create competitive advantages, by developing people with wider experience, giving you the opportunities to cross national, business area, and functional borders.

Life Balance
We know that your job is an important part of your life. You spend a lot of time at work and you give a lot of energy and time to your job, contributing to the constant growth and success of the company. But this does not mean we look exclusively for people who will put all their energy in one place. Quite the contrary. Your life outside your job is an important source of the energy needed at work. We are convinced the best results are achieved when we create a balance between people with various experiences and in various phases of life. We adopt this attitude for the simple reason that the happier you are, the more we both benefit from working together

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