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4B Gentel


4B Gentel International Pvt. Ltd. was operational nationwide in a short time span of less than 1 year having commencement certifications from the regulator on all 14 POPs while the time limit for commencement granted from the authority was 3 years. This was possible due to the never-ending commitment and competence of the management and the team. Since then there has been no compromise on quality. 4B Gentel has state-of-the-art Cisco, IBM, and GenBAND Hardware deployed nationwide having a presence in 14 major cities. Having support contracts with Cisco, IBM, REVE Systems, ALOE Systems, and Viscom (Nexpoint), (GENBAND) also being our technology partners.



Our utmost objective has been carrier satisfaction providing support to its interconnected partners 24/7; the reason being 4B Gentel has retained its way to the top LDI’s nationwide. In addition to PTCL, the company has interconnects with all the major national telecom players, including all CMOs such as Mobilink, Telenor, Zong, Warid, and Ufone.

We have more than 200 interconnects enabling us to terminate calls all over the world having tier 1 carriers on board, such as Verizon, Vodafone, Green Packet, BanglaTrac, Telefonica, TATA, Viscom, and BT. Additional network routes and equipment were added to 4B Gentel’s network to provide incremental growth capacity and scalability, support new nationwide leading-edge product offerings, and ensure that 4B Gentel offers a strong and diverse network that remains a significant differentiator.

4B Gentel also owns and operates an OFC metro network in Lahore spread over 100 kilometers and connecting many strategically important locations within Lahore. This metro network is also available for other operators at reasonable rates.

Fiber Optic

Internet Bandwidth: In today’s era, the internet has become a necessity for individuals and businesses. Companies have become conscious of reliable and uninterrupted internet services. 4B Gentel has a wide network of fiber optic cables for providing uninterrupted and reliable bandwidth to its customers. With 24/7 technical support, our customers rate us as their first choice.


Fiber Connectivity

With technology revolutionizing the world, it has become a necessity for organizations to connect their offices located in different areas. 4B Gentel, with its redundant fiber rings, provides dark fiber to its customers and enables them to connect their offices. High-quality buried fiber ensures no downtime and reliable high-speed connectivity to the customers.